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Holistic Dentistry

Holistic, Biological Dentistry Gaithersburg, Maryland

Holistic Dentistry is based on the philosophy that the oral health (teeth, gum, bone & jaw) affects the whole body and vice versa. There are many connections when it comes to one's oral and overall health. Studies have shown that diabetes, heart and even pancreatic diseases may have dental origin.

We use high quality, biocompatible materials, including zirconia dental implants, non-metal crowns and biocompatible (non-metal) composite or ceramic dental fillings.

We avoid toxic chemicals, which may be used in other dental practices that can lead to allergies or cancer down the road. For severely allergic individuals we can customize the dental materials that can only be suitable for that person.

Safe Mercury Removal(Safe Amalgam Removal)

For many years, dentists were using mercury fillings or “silver fillings” to fill patients teeth. After years of research, scientists and dentists have discovered that mercury is actually toxic to the human body.

We practice Safe Mercury Removal that removes the toxic dental material including mercury amalgam and other fillings, crowns, or bridges that appear to be dangerous to the patient. Numerous scientific research papers regarding the effects of amalgam fillings can be found on IAOMT website.

Some patients chose to remove their amalgams based on their medical Doctor Recommendations or their own research. During the removal process, we ensure your safety to avoid greater exposure to the mercury vapors. We maintain a safe removal recommended by the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine). We will provide you an IAOMT brochure about dental mercury so that you can make an educated decision.

During the first visit, we go over your medical history and will discuss any health issues that can be linked to your dental problems. We also discuss nutritional and none prescription/nutraceutical therapies that can help relieving your symptoms and addressing the cause of your dental and overall health.

We Care About Your Whole Health With Dentistry

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Holistic General Dentistry Services

Modern Smile Dental uses a biological, holistic approach to dental care considering your oral health is important in relationship to your overall health and wellness. Biological/Holistic Family Dentistry is a safe, mercury free and mercury safe environment.

General Dental

We strive to create a high quality of care with the least amount of pain. Our conservative approach, latest technology and comfortable environment put our patients at ease. Read more now about our General Dental Services

Cosmetic Care

We offer comprehensive cosmetic, restorative, and preventive care, which includes; Laser Teeth whitening, Invisalign braces, and beautiful, realistic porcelain veneers and much more. Learn more about Cosmetic Dental Services.

Family Care

We are committed to providing you and your family the highest quality dentistry for patients of all ages, from young children to seniors. We offer comprehensive dental care including preventive dentistry. We offer Family dental care for all ages.

Holistic Care

We utilize the most advanced biochemically safe dental materials because we recognize what we use in your mouth will affect your entire body. The biological and holistic dentists perform all manner of restorative dentistry. Learn what Holistic Dental care means to you.

We know how important a confident smile is for you.

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