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Preventive Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry
Gaithersburg, Maryland

Modern Smile Dental is your partner for oral health. We offer comprehensive general and preventative dentistry treatments. It is very important to have good oral hygiene habits not just for the great smile you will have, but to help maintain your entire health. Having healthy teeth will help you speak and eat properly. Infections and bacteria on your teeth and gums can cause illness other then tooth decay. We recommend brushing and flossing regularly along with regular dental check-ups. You deserve to be in charge of your own dental health, and with education regarding all your treatment options, you’ll be confident in choosing the right procedures for your specific goals and needs. Comprehensive dental care begins with preventive cleanings and checkups and doesn’t end until you are completely satisfied with your smile.

We recommend a dental cleaning (prophylaxis) every six months to remove dental plaque and stains you are unable to remove yourself, as well as to check for signs of tooth decay. Considering that oral health is linked to overall health, preventive dentistry is important to your overall well being.

Dental Sealants

We use BPA free dental sealants that contain biocompatible materials. Sealants are liquid coatings that harden on the chewing surfaces of teeth and are showing effectiveness in preventing cavities. Sealants are applied to the chewing surfaces and are designed to prevent the intrusion of bacteria and other debris into the deep crevices on the tops of teeth.

Sealants are applied after cleaning the tooth surface. The procedure is followed by “etching” the tooth with a chemical substance, which allows the sealant to better adhere. After the sealant is applied, a warm light source is directed to the site to promote faster drying.

We believe that your visit to our practice should be a pleasant and relaxed experience, all of our services are delivered using state-of-the-art equipment with your comfort in mind. Call our conveniently located Gaithersburg, Maryland dental office today to schedule a comprehensive consultation.

preventative dental services Gaithersburg, MD

preventative dental services Gaithersburg, MD

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Holistic General Dentistry Services

Modern Smile Dental uses a biological, holistic approach to dental care considering your oral health is important in relationship to your overall health and wellness. Biological/Holistic Family Dentistry is a safe, mercury free and mercury safe environment.

General Dental

We strive to create a high quality of care with the least amount of pain. Our conservative approach, latest technology and comfortable environment put our patients at ease. Read more now about our General Dental Services

Cosmetic Care

We offer comprehensive cosmetic, restorative, and preventive care, which includes; Laser Teeth whitening, Invisalign braces, and beautiful, realistic porcelain veneers and much more. Learn more about Cosmetic Dental Services.

Family Care

We are committed to providing you and your family the highest quality dentistry for patients of all ages, from young children to seniors. We offer comprehensive dental care including preventive dentistry. We offer Family dental care for all ages.

Holistic Care

We utilize the most advanced biochemically safe dental materials because we recognize what we use in your mouth will affect your entire body. The biological and holistic dentists perform all manner of restorative dentistry. Learn what Holistic Dental care means to you.

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